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Is your Talent...

Our Thinking Talents app, based on the model developed and utilized by Professional Thinking Partners, helps you discover how your unique talents and personal way of thinking can help you find roles in which you will succeed. It gives you the tools and talking points to sell yourself—a skill that's invaluable in business. 

Are You Ready to Uncover Your Thinking Talents?

Are you ready to uncover your Thinking Talents?

Discover Your Own 

Unique Set of Talents


But, do you know how to use them?

You know you
have talents.


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Discover, share and collaborate easily

Make your Talents Work for you

Find out how to use them with our new app

Find out what makes you you and use it to your advantage with Levo's Free Thinking Talents app.


Your sweet spot: coming up with ideas and creating. You're happy as a clam when you're brainstorming.


If there's a disagreement, you're the one to find common ground and resolutions.

Fixing it?

You're the rare individual who loves to hear about a problem. And you often see the tip of the iceberg and sound the alarm. 

What People Are Saying

We all have those things that we've done since we were kids, the things that our parents recognize as inherently "us." The Thinking Talents quiz helped me to zero in on those aspects of myself I can't help but do, then figure out how I can leverage them in my career.

Lexie - Denver, CO


I love Thinking Talents because it has allowed me to recognize my core strengths. The app has also provided me with practical tips through videos and articles that help me thrive in my career.


Jacqueline - Atlanta, GA

Kevin - New York, NY

Thinking Talents unlocked a viewpoint into my professional life that has been remarkable. I now understand why certain parts of my day energize me and can apply extra focus in order to power though the aspects that are draining.


Download Thinking Talents now

Get on track to the best version of you.

Get Talking Points

Understanding your talents will help you sell yourself and answer the dreaded "Tell me about your strengths and weaknesses?" interview question in an eloquent way.

Play Well With Others

Learn how to successfully collaborate with others, from coworkers to copilots, by sharing and comparing your talents.

Be Excellent

Find out easy things you can do (and some pitfalls to avoid) to be the most successful version of you.

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